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Entrepreneur Deepak Kamani and his contributions to Medical Stream
Entrepreneur Deepak Kamani’s beliefs about social responsibility are aligned with that of his father, Founder, Zuri Group. Entrepreneur Deepak Kamani’s daily duties include overseeing the efficient operations of the Kamani Foundation along with those of the Zuri Group.

Mr Yu: Northern Entrepreneurs wife should marry the South - Mr Yu - Education Industry
Yabuli 10th annual meeting of Chinese Entrepreneurs Forum, February 26, 2010 -3 1, held on the theme: Yabuli 10 years? Entrepreneurial thinking ability. The picture shows Chinese Entrepreneurs Forum member Mr Yu. Liangbin She

Entrepreneur Deepak Kamani’s success stories
Entrepreneur Deepak Kamani and Zuri Group started his venture as a small firm and today they have multiplied their assets by their hard work and principles, which is one of the deciding factors for their success.

Zhejiang University City College of innovative educational platform for entrepreneurs and growing - business training, Zhejiang University City Colleg
It is the middle of winter, Zhejiang University City College of the conference room was warm cozy, warm atmosphere. Government officials, famous enterprises leaders, experts and scholars and the media elite convergence, as the Zhejiang University City College in the Division Entrepreneur University of the first member of Zhejiang University City College of Commerce Division entrepreneurs plan for the construction and development institutions.

Gerry Robert - Live Life On Full Throttle
What is an Entrepreneur?

Association Of Black Entrepreneurs To Provide Free Training For Entrepreneurs
Program will help 100,000 Black Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneur Responsibilities and Definition
Entrepreneur Responsibilities and Definition

Entrepreneurs’ Organization Selected for President Obama’s New Initiative
The Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO), a non-partisan, non-profit organization dedicated to engaging leading entrepreneurs to learn and grow, is partnering with Business for Diplomatic Action to collaborate on the U.S. State Department’s just-announced “Entrepreneurs for a New Beginning” program. Announced by President Obama at the Presidential Summit on Entrepreneurship Monday evening, the initiative is a professional exchange experience for rising business and social entrepreneurs from countries with significant Muslim populations. EO's established business learning curriculum provides the framework for the entrepreneurship education the program participants will receive. While in the US, program participants ...

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